Caleb Aero has been featured on NBC’s Carson Daly Show where he explained his vision for aerosol art parks.  Carson Daly called Caleb, “The Spray Paint Superstar!”


Caleb Aero paints murals that seem to tell a story and come to life.  His love for this art medium is very apparent in his work as he continues to be with his art and refine it.  “Art is just the tip of the iceberg, life is so much grander, but through art I can expose them to life!”- Caleb Aero


Currently Caleb Aero is developing art for businesses across America, taking his designing skill to create digital master pieces to help further educate and translate aerosol art into an interactive experience.


Caleb Aero is known worldwide as a groundbreaking aerosol artist who is transcending his artwork across new platforms of expression.


To Caleb, “Aerosol art parallels other kinds of paintings, like expressionism, which long existed outside the mainstream, before gaining acceptance as the most accurate reflection of the times they were born into.  Just as expressionism was criticized for destroying the status quo before it became the status quo, there needs to be a place where one can learn aerosol art as it comes into its own.” The first “classroom” where the counter culture meets the culture!  So Caleb ventured on to create  “aerosol art parks" for inner city youth.


Caleb is a master and pioneer in the aerosol art world and has over 1,000 murals to his credit. He created Blubber Colors, a spray paint for aerosol artists. His art has been featured on everything from clothing to skateboards.  San Diego Magazine called him “The Tony Hawk of spray paint.” According to Brand Marketer, Entertainment Executive and Producer, Phil Sandhaus, “Caleb is developing into a pop culture icon.  His talent reflects a social/artistic voice for a new generation that is on the cutting edge of art and design for music, film, TV advertising and fashion.”  Sandhaus has been involved in the marketing and development of influential and successful Artists, including The Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, and The Rolling Stones.




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